COVID-19: 5 Things You Must Know Before Running Your Next Social Media Ad

The world has been hit by a Pandemic. Priorities are changing for a lot of people. Several industries have been adversely affected, and Entrepreneurs are quickly adapting their strategies in order not to be grounded by the pandemic.

If you're like most of the people I know, then you probably did not anticipate this virus affecting the world so bad, and you never imagined it progressing to become a pandemic.

But, you're right. What has happened has happened. What matters now is what we can do to keep our heads above water.

And to do that effectively as marketers, we have to keep running ads. And also make sure we're getting it right.

Habits have changed over the last few weeks, there is a need to adapt in order to stay ahead.

Here are five things you must consider before running your next Social Media Ad;

1. You're Gonna Get More Impressions

But why is that?

According to a study by, there's been a 76% increase in daily accumulated likes on ad posts on Instagram over the last few weeks. And there's also been an increase in TikTok's engagement by over 27% on average from February to March.

This means your ad will get in front of more people and if you know how to target your ads effectively, then you can be sure of a better conversion rate.

2. Your Delivery Policy Should Be Clearly Stated

If you're selling a non-digital product or any product that requires physical contact, it will be a boost to your strategy if your customers know that you are taking adequate precautionary measures.

For example, if you supply groceries to homes, you might want to let your customers know that your products are 'hygienically sorted groceries', as opposed to just 'groceries.'

3. Re-evaluate Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

But, the effect of the pandemic is here now, and we just cannot turn a blind eye on it.

It is now needful that we work on tweaking our USP, if we want to get results.

Using the example I gave in (2) above; while 'speedy delivery' is a good USP, 'hygienically sorted' would be a better USP at the moment.... And I believe you know why.

4. Advertise The Right Products.

You can have other products in stock, but you should focus on advertising products that are most relevant at the time.

For now its health and personal hygiene, so you should consider this before picking products to advertise.

5. Show You Care!

A popular perfume brand recently launched a new brand of hand sanitizers that are to be attached to each of their products. To add to that, they also gave some out for free.

That is a great way to show your customers your care.

You do not have to make your own brand of hand sanitizers to show you care.

But you do have to do something.

It could be just running an ad educating your customers on how to stay safe from contracting the virus. Or anything else. You just have to do something to show you care.

How is the pandemic affecting your ads? Feel free to share your experience with us.

John Awa-abuon is a freelance writer with passion for the ecommerce industry. he is also Hubspot-certified content marketer.